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Published by New Generation, ISBN 9781787193574, available in paperback from Amazon UK or via bookshop orders. The e-book version can also be downloaded from Amazon UK.

Tyneside, 1904. Elegant Edwardian houses ring to sounds of celebration; in the brutal clang of the shipyards, work begins on what will be the biggest and fastest liner yet to cross the Atlantic. A privileged young engineer marries a brilliant feminist artist but falls helplessly in love with a girl from the shipyard drawing-loft; Russian agitators arrive to preach revolution; a door concealed in the ship’s exquisitely carved panelling hides a terrible secret; then Mauretania–with the lovers aboard–steams for New York at record speed and into the nail-biting climax of this sweeping saga of passion and power, luxury and lust. Laden with intrigue from the streets of Newcastle and the boulevards of Paris to glittering First Class on a storm-lashed Atlantic, Maiden Voyage is your romantic read of a lifetime at full steam ahead.




Published by New Generation, ISBN 9781785073830, available in paperback from Amazon UK or via bookshop orders. The e-book version can also be downloaded from Amazon UK.

A family drama to lift your spirits–in vintage style. A sleepy house in post-war England, a happy one-parent family…but when a retired naval officer brings home a glamorous new wife, things look anything but shipshape. Set in romantic Northumbrian countryside during the heady days of the 1960s, this heartwarming story of love, acceptance and forgiveness is told with honesty and humour. Life really can be sweet if you make Room for Love.



Published by Limelight Classic Productions, ISBN 9780956039224. Order your copy direct from the author by e-mail to

Roger’s essential book for any aspiring author will help you improve your style, impress publishers, beat ‘writer’s block’ market your work, show you how famous writers found success, and much more.



The Silver Spitfire e-book version, ASIN B009KLZHE4, is available to download at Amazon’s Kindle Store.

The Silver Spitfire paperback edition, ISBN 9781906166168, published by Fen Books, is now out-of-print, but copies are available direct from the author: e-mail rogerharvey01@btinternet for details.

The Silver Spitfire hardback large print edition, ISBN 0108923910, is published by Ulverscroft, an imprint of F.A.Thorpe Ltd., The Green, Bradgate Road, Anstey, Leicester, LE7 7FU.

The Silver Spitfire audio-book edition is published by Soundings Ltd., catalogue number Sound 198, distributed by Ulverscroft (details from above address).

The Silver Spitfire is a tender and haunting love story set against the drama of historical events. When two young Englishmen visit Nazi Germany and one marries a German girl, events are set in motion that will lead them all through shocking wartime experiences into the stark but hopeful new world of post-war Britain. Unforgettable romance, gripping plot and accurate period atmosphere combine in this richly detailed and sensuously written book: truly a Twentieth-Century love story for all time.


Reviews for the book include:

‘The tender but obsessional love story played out against a changing world is treated with absolute sincerity and realism.’

‘The author is also a poet and radio writer which may explain his concern for finding and placing the right word, but his true touch is cinematic: this is wide-screen stuff.’

‘The passively beautiful heroine is a brilliant realisation, lifting the tale above conventional romance with her almost sinister magnetism.’

‘If you have never been an uncomfortable guest at a Nazi garden party, flown a Spitfire in tight formation, or felt trapped in post-war suburbia, Harvey will take you there in seemingly effortless prose.’

‘There are ably-achieved set pieces; the ending is a joy; the whole is full of subtleties and is deeply satisfying.’



Published by New Generation, ISBN 9781849238496, available at Amazon UK or via bookshop orders.

Roger Harvey’s rip-roaring kids’ adventure promises classic seaside fun–with a romantic twist. Irrepressible youngsters Lucy and Sam travel from London in Dad’s motorcycle-and-sidecar for the holiday of a lifetime on the wild and beautiful Northumbrian coast. In their newly-discovered world of beach, rocks and an uninhabited island, a tale of romance and excitement unfolds to storms and sunshine and the mysterious music of the sea–but they soon have to deal with grown-up passions as well as the wind and weather. Roger’s enchanting tale of the mermaid and the millionaire, the poet with the boat, and the one-parent family with a motorbike offers a witty and magical feast of holiday fun for readers of all ages.


RIVER OF DREAMS by Vanessa Harvey

Published by The Wild Rose Press, New York, NY, USA, ISBN 1601544200. Order direct from; check online catalog for price and shipping details.

Businesswoman Beth Black dreams of escaping an unhappy past and of success in her new job with stylish rich-list employers. Suave powerboat racer Peter dreams of glittering prizes. Boatyard manager David dreams of holiday romance with an older woman. Wild-child Jill dreams of even greater freedom than she enjoys already. When their hopes, fears and ambitions collide in the height of an English Summer, Beth must find the strength to choose between two new admirers and decide how to live the rest of her life. Emotional undercurrents run deep in this exciting and sensuously-written love story set on the idyllic River Thames and in the spectacular city of Edinburgh…and yes, hang on to your bodices, ‘Vanessa Harvey’ really is Roger. Suporting the romantic comedy action is an entertaining cast of minor characters including scheming matriarch Dorothy, always ready to arrange a marriage, and diminutive football star Raimundo, more interested in beautiful girls than the beautiful game. It’s a fun read, but there is a darker streak to the plot, and the whole book is a delightful but always realistic celebration of the ups and downs of romantic entanglements and the joys of true love. Reviews of this book include:


‘Sweet and sexy, but full of witty good humor.’

‘Beth Black is a fine Scots heroine.’

‘The people and places are so real.’

‘Reading this, I was right there on the beautiful River Thames, completely in love, just wanting the trip to go on and on.’

‘True love and high drama in a lush English setting.’

‘Delights on every page, unexpected laughs, surprises right to the end.’


Published by Indigo Dreams, ISBN 9780956199126, available direct from the author. E-mail him at for details.

This collection showcases many of Roger Harvey’s stories which originally appeared in a variety magazines and newspapers. A boy faces a truth about adult life, an unexpected death illuminates a love-triangle, shy vicars find spiritual strength, the movies weave their magic, and much more. Tender, poignant, light-hearted or sinister, the love stories, ghost stories and others all receive the Harvey treatment of meticulous craftsmanship, sensual ambience and memorable imagery–with a dash of comedy and a twist of the unexpected. Sometimes quirky, always entertaining, written with a poet’s incisive vision and a screenwriter’s eye for romantic spectacle, these stories present a skilful author engaged with human passions. This is a collection to buy in pairs: one for your own bedside, the other to delight a friend.



Acting edition of this unusual pantomime, published by New Theatre Publications, ISBN 9781840948448, text and performing licence available via

The King of France wishes his beautiful daughter to marry the King of Spain, but the Lilac Fairy disguises her in a donkey-skin cloak. When a handsome Prince falls in love with her, how will he prove a ragged-looking servant girl is really the Princess he should marry? Roger’s charming version of the old French fairy tale adapts the plot for modern audiences, providing plenty of magic, humour and pathos. Donkey Skin is fun for all ages and offers a glamorous ‘guest star’ rôle in the time-travelling Lilac Fairy who ensures that everyone lives happily ever after.



Acting edition of this short Festive Season pantomime for young audiences, published by New Theatre Publications, ISBN 9781840948219, text and performing licence available via

The Wicked Witch of the North hates all children and wants to spoil Christmas. She has sent a terrible snowstorm to trap Santa Claus in a frozen waste. She even bends the North Pole itself so no-one can find their way out of the Arctic! How can Santa escape and deliver all his Christmas presents? A happy end is guaranteed when the good Fairy Eskimo enlists the help of Santa’s Elves, Rudolf the Red-Hot-Nosed Reindeer, and of course members of the audience.


Acting edition of this wickedly funny black farce, published by New Theatre Publications, ISBN 9781840946666, text and performing licence available via

Money! Money! Money! Wouldn’t you like some? Velma would! She’s got no morals, she’s got no class, but the brassy millionaire-hunter is looking forward to more cash than she has already–and she’ll stop at nothing to secure it. Her ‘respectable’ sister Barbara would also like a million or two; is Velma’s sudden widowhood her big chance? With grasping claws all around her, it’s lucky that hard-working housekeeper Mrs. Todd has a few pounds saved up for a holiday in Spain–if only she can tidy up the flat in time. Whether you are rich, poor, or somewhere in between, this hilarious but disturbing play will show you the appallingly funny truth about need and greed. Reviews have included:

‘Rips the rags off poverty and laughs in the face of filthy lucre.’

‘A cruel comedy with three brilliant parts for one capable performer.’

‘If you’ve ever been short of a penny, this play is for you.’

‘Black farce at its fast-paced funniest.’



Asra! Asra!, stage play. Acting edition of the stage version of this play, originally an audio production, published by New Theatre Publications, ISBN 9781840948141, text and performing licence available via

Asra! Asra! dramatises a compelling true love story: the secretive and fateful relationship between the celebrated poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Sara Hutchinson, a young girl seduced into the tempestuous world of the Romantic revolution. Based on letters, diaries and journals of the period, the play illuminates the careers of literary giants in a lively and haunting stage experience.

Asra! Asra!, audio play by Catswhiskers Productions, now available direct from Roger. E-mail him at for details.

This is the original, lavish audio production of the play revealing the secret love-life of celebrated poet and philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Historical romp, portrait of genius, study of covert passions, it features the young actress Kate Willoughby, enchantingly fresh as ‘sensible Northern lass’ Sara Hutchinson swept into the heady world of the Romantic poets, the opium-sodden goings-on at Grasmere, and the lives of gifted writers who stormed through the Age of Revolutions to leave a lasting impression on English Literature and thought. The text is almost entirely taken from letters and journals of the time (so this is what Wordsworth, Coleridge, de Quincey and the others actually thought and wrote), but also stirs in the playwright’s own romantic vision of the story. Directed by him, Kate leads an enthusiastic cast clearly enjoying the rumbustious language and lively pace, with Roger Liddle as Coleridge, Eileen Glenton in a cameo rôle as Lady Hamilton, and a luscious score of beautiful music.


Audio-book, ISBN 1854966685, published by Soundings Ltd., (catalogue number Sound 667), distributed by Ulverscroft, an imprint of F.A.Thorpe Ltd., The Green, Bradgate Road, Anstey, Leicester, LE7 7FU.

Strong-willed American stage-designer Susie Conrad moves to London in the ‘Swinging Sixties’, marries a suave English actor, and takes the West End by storm. Thirty years later, her unexpected rescue of stranded holidaymakers turns her isolated coastal home into an arena for reawakened passions. Set in the contrasting worlds of hectic showbusiness and lonely retirement, filled with drama and suffused with the author’s love of music and seascape, this acutely observed novel explores a creative woman’s search for fulfilment with frankness and understanding. American actress Maxine Howe makes an impassioned and sensitive Susie Conrad in a feisty, heartfelt and compelling performance directed by the author.


Audio-book, published by Soundings Ltd., distributed by Ulverscroft, an imprint of F.A.Thorpe Ltd., The Green, Bradgate Road, Anstey, Leicester, LE7 7FU.

When little pigeon Percy goes in search of a new life he never expects to get mixed up with shooting-parties, jewel thieves, or Dinah the Beautiful Dove! From the wild Northumbrian coast to the dangerous streets of London, Roger’s delightful novel–ideal for children but also a fable for adults–is a journey through the wonder of flight, the joy of love, and the swing of the seasons…with a raw edge of adventure, too. Here it is stylishly presented as an audio-book read by the versatile actress and voice artiste Jane Jermyn, directed by the author. Jane’s glittering performance brings all the characters to enthralling life, from the Adventurous Seagull to the Conceited Pheasant and of course Percy himself, the bravest and most resourceful pigeon ever to fly!


Raising the Titanic, ISBN 1550722719, published by The Plowman Press, Box 414, Whitby, Ontario, Canada, L1N 5S4.

This collection of seventeen poems, published in Canada, is attractively printed in traditional letterpress type and bound in textured paperback. The title poem, Roger’s reflections on a dream, was written many years before the wreck of Titanic was discovered on the Atlantic seabed; the others continue the poet’s approach to universal themes through personal experience and demonstrate his intriguing variety of styles. Now officially out-of-print, a limited number of copies remain available from the author. E-mail him at for details.


Divided Attention, ISBN 0947722106, published by Grevatt & Grevatt, 9 Rectory Drive, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE3 1XT.

With these poems, Roger Harvey moves from boyhood memories to the responsibilities of adult life, from a heritage of landscapes and seascapes in his homeland to the warmth of Italy, the bustle of American cities and the loneliness of its West, the dazzling light of Spain and the nostalgic countryside of Southern England, celebrating ‘a life of extraordinary things in ordinary words. Reviews of this book include:

‘Gravelly poetry with strong content.’

‘By turns bleak and uplifting but always memorable.’

‘A masculine poet in macho mood, confronting everything life throws at him from the death of his father and his industrial heritage to lost love and showbiz success with unblinking honesty. Read the poems and have your own life illuminated.’

‘Strongly-felt and energetic.’

‘Wryly self-aware, never pompous or arty, Harvey is definitely on form here.’



Audio-book, published by Soundings Ltd., distributed by Ulverscroft, an imprint of F.A.Thorpe Ltd., The Green, Bradgate Road, Anstey, Leicester, LE7 7FU.

At the time of its release, there had never been a poetry collection like Northman’s Prayer. The producers brought together words, music and conversation with a contemporary poet in a high-quality audio-book recorded in superb Dolby stereo and presented with the showbusiness style Roger had long wanted for his work. The result won him a ‘Poet of the Year’ award. From the brutal, heroic world of Viking warriors to the gentlest love poems, this startling collection casts the gleam of a robust and tender vision on many subjects and captures something of the dynamic performances for which Roger has become known. It also features the poet in conversation with actress and TV presenter Jane Jermyn. Originally sold in the UK, America and Germany, Northman’s Prayer is now officially ‘out-of-print’ and is regarded by some as an enviable collector’s item, but a few copies remain available by special order. E-mail rogerharvey01@btinternet for details.



Ginevere-Jennifer, stage play, acting edition ISBN 1874430039 published by Formword Ltd.

The sensational play in two acts for one actress, reworking Celtic myth and Arthurian legend to re-tell the story of Camelot from the Queen’s point of view. In naturalistic but no-holds-barred style, Guinevere–long retired to a nunnery after the dissolution of the Round Table–reflects on her adulterous love for Sir Launcelot that brought down her husband’s kingdom but freed her spirit. Fourteen centuries later we join Jennifer for a confessional re-run of her broken marriage and ambitions: a story laden with uncanny parallels to Guinevere’s. Has the prophecy of an old legend come shockingly true? Will history go on repeating itself? This examination of Woman’s timeless quest for love and acceptance was first brought to the stage in memorable performances by the English actress Eileen Glenton, whose ‘eloquent stagecraft and compelling presence–by turns gaunt and voluptuous, ascetic and erotic, wry, sarcastic and funny–enlivened the play with brilliance and passion’ (Pamela Brown, from her introduction to the published play). This booklet presents the play in an acting edition but is printed to souvenir standard with introduction, decorative typefaces and illustrations. Now officially sold out, reprints are available by special request. E-mail for details.

Guinevere-Jennifer, film, UK, 60 minutes, produced by The Vanaheim Partnership and directed by Roger Harvey.

Eileen Glenton reprises her dual stage rôles in this film version of the perceptively updated Camelot story written and directed by Roger Harvey. His screenplay adds an all-female cast led by Margaret Frayne as the younger incarnation of Queen from the Dark Ages and modern businesswoman seen in flashback, but the stark confessional style of the solo voice remains to both captivate and unsettle the audience and is once again a vehicle for a vibrant, mesmerising performance from Eileen Glenton, played direct to camera with tremendous passion and intensity. Filmed entirely in historic locations around the ancient kingdom of Northumbria, the finely-crafted direction and design create melancholy but ultimately thrilling visions of Guinevere’s part in Arthurian legend and its parallels to a modern woman’s life. Premiered at Newcsatle’s Tyneside Cinema, the film has subsequently been shown at European festivals. Currently available on DVD and VHS. To order, e-mail



The Fence Rider, published by Bifrost, ISBN 0907502016.

This ballad of the Australian outback (inspired by the poet’s father meeting one of these characters in the 1930s) is magnificently illustrated with four superb drawings by Marka Rifat in the style of Nineteenth-Century steel engravings; the front cover itself is eminently frameable. As one of Roger’s ‘single poem’ series, it sold out on his tour of the USA but can now be supplied in facsimile edition by special order. E-mail rogerharvey01@btinternet for details. If the fancy takes you, the haunting verses may be sung to the tunes of Botany Bay or The Pub with no Beer! Buy a copy from the Pommie poet, crack a few tinnies, and sing it round the Barbie with your mates.


The Stone of All the World, published by Bifrost, ISBN 0907502024.

A collection of Roger’s early poems strikingly illustrated with pen-and-ink drawings by Marka Rifat; now sold out, but reprints are available by special order. E-mail for details.


King John, published by Bifrost, ISBN 0907502024.

An intriguing cameo of the much-maligned monarch, glimpsed at home in troubled times as he reflects on English politics, the quirks of Fate, and the joys and strains of medieval kingship. Another of the ‘single poem’ series, this booklet proved so popular with American audiences that it sold out on Roger’s tour of the USA (see Poet on the Road for a humorous account of his reading it) but has since been reprinted. E-mail for details. Order your copy and share a private moment with ‘the bad man of English history’. 


Flying, published by Bifrost, ISBN 0907502008.

A prizewinning poem about the sensations of flight that resonates with rich and memorable imagery. The attractive booklet edition features delicate illustrations by Matrka Rifat in pointelliste style. E-mail to order.


Roger’s short poem with its message of hope makes a ‘different’ Christmas card and a Festive Season greeting your friends will want to keep. The poem borrows a line from Shelley, but he hasn’t objected yet and would surely approve of its being so beautifully inscribed in this fine calligraphy. Order packs of five or ten by e-mail to




Room for Me and Room for Us, sequels to Room for Love, will continue the story of artistic, headstrong but tender-hearted heroine Julie Armstrong as she grows up through the 1960s and 70s.