The Green Dress and Other Stories is a collection showcasing many of Roger Harvey’s stories which originally appeared in magazines as diverse as The Lady, Cadenza, and Yours. Roger chose The Green Dress–one of his most popular stories published many times–as the key work in the collection. The actual dress that inspired the story is modelled on the cover by actress, singer and cabaret artiste Eileen Glenton.

“It’s an entertaining and ‘different’ tale of the supernatural,” explains Roger, “in which a ghost of elegant 1950s vintage bestows a special gift, but it’s really about love, sympathy and understanding. It was inspired by a real party dress, and Eileen wears it beautifully in the portrait which has become the front cover illustration. If you ever meet a ghost I hope it looks as stylish as this. Meanwhile you can read this story to your friends on Christmas Eve. It’s the perfect round-the-fire story to give you a nice warm glow–or it might just have you looking over your shoulder on your way to bed.”

In the other very different stories that make up the collection a boy faces a truth about adult life, an unexpected death illuminates a love-triangle, shy vicars find spiritual strength, the movies weave their magic, and much more. Tender, poignant, light-hearted or sinister, the love stories, ghost stories and others all receive the Harvey treatment of meticulous craftsmanship, sensual ambience and memorable imagery–with a dash of comedy and a twist of the unexpected. Sometimes quirky, always entertaining, written with a poet’s incisive vision and a screenwriter’s eye for romantic spectacle, these stories present a skilful author engaged with human passions.

The Green Dress and Other Stories, ISBN 9780956199126, published by Indigo Dreams, is available direct from the author. E-mail him at for details