It’s back, but bigger and better than ever…and it’s electronic! More than twenty years after being produced as a radio serial and audio-book, the complete and unabridged text of Roger’s inspiring saga of love and war The Silver Spitfire was re-published in paperback. Now it is available in yet another format: as an e-book. More readers worldwide will now be able to enjoy the full richness of this beautifully-crafted novel.

The exciting and romantic story, based on fact and completed in 1985, was severely cut for its first outing on radio. It subsequently appeared as an audio-book and large print hardback, but neither version told the whole tale of lovers caught up in the turmoils of the Twentieth Century. Eventually the fully-restored original text was published in paperback and it is this version which is now available as an e-book.

The Silver Spitfire is a tender and haunting love story set against the drama of historical events, told with honesty and realism. When two young Englishmen visit Nazi Germany and one marries a German girl, events are set in motion that will lead them all through shocking wartime experiences into the stark but hopeful new world of post-war Britain. Unforgettable romance, gripping plot and accurate period atmosphere combine in this richly detailed and sensuously written book: truly a Twentieth-Century love story for all time.

“This book,” says Roger, “means so much to me. It is based on a true story told to me by my mother and which has haunted me since childhood. It became the novel in which I like to think I achieved some of my best writing. It’s filled with music, romance, and intense human drama.

As a professional writer It’s my job to put the best words in the best order, but I remember having real difficulty in finding any to describe my pleasure and delight when I knew the full text was to be published…and I’m delighted all over again to know it is now an e-book available worldwide. So much had to be cut from the earlier versions, there were issues with rights to be resolved, and I suffered many rejections as some publishers were unwilling to take on a ‘new’ edition of an ‘old’ story. It was a long, hard slogto bring out the full book, but here it is and I trust the public will enjoy the result. It’s exciting, nostalgic and romantic with a busy and sometimes surprising plot, but first and finally it is a tender and terrifying love story played out across the devastating middle years of the last century: a story about hopes, memories, and the effect of the past on the future. One message of the book is that while true love can triumph over everything, even the vileness of war, no-one is guaranteed a rosy future just because they have fallen in love–but ultimately it’s about a love that endures against the odds, and you can’t ask for a much more inspiring theme than that.”

The Silver Spitfire e-book, ASIN B009KLZHE4, is available to download at Amazon’s Kindle Store.